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Help us to organize subsidized music and art festival this summer in Yerevan and Artsakh to give projection to local artist‘s work. Donate and join us on making these people dance and sind again with our first WWR-Concert in Armenia.
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What happened in Armenia?

44 days are the official counted days of the recent war in Nagorno-Karabak.
Artsakh is the Armenian name for that piece of land. Located in the South Caucasus, it is filled with historical churches, ancient landmarks and landscapes that'll take your breath away. With magical winds from hills in colorful landscape, often referred to as the black garden of Armenia. A place of freedom and endless hope. Of old and young. Of ancient tradition and mysticismThis land all of a sudden was hit with an unexpected attack of a neighbouring country. Gunfire, missiles not only hit military targets but civilians, residential areas, schools, buses were targets too Mountains were set alight….Brothers, cousins, friends, families broken apart. Completely outnumbered, people lost lives in the thousands.Up til now,, many children cant go to school Up til now, people are waiting for their sons to come back home Up til now, hundreds of civilians and soldiers are in captivity and are living under serious threat Up til now, life is not how it used to be. But what if we take hope in reconstruction?With time, we can tend to our sacred garden and make these people sing ,and dance and laugh again. We want to retell, recreate and rebuild because we are all humans after all. And we all have dreams that are yet to be sung.