Inspired by this thought, we teamed up with DJs directly from Armenia in the middle of the war.Vahan and Lucia are both living in Yerevan. They experienced the war up close while we did it online, through private and public news. Together we created an almost 3 hour set. The three sets - that we are rummaging through in one - represent a careful selection of tracks, which are an expression of how each of us has processed the experience during and after the war in Nagorno Khrabach (Artsakh), Armenia.„To us this was a journey of emotions ,
full of sadness, passion and love."

"To us this was a journey,
full of sadness emotions and love"


DJane & Radiohost | Moscow, Vienna, Yerevan
Lucia is infusing Armenian music with obscure sounds that rhyme and rhyme not together. Residency on NTS radio with a show showcasing Armenian music called Panorama Yerevan - that comes out bimonthly.Lucia was born in Moscow but has lived in Vienna for the past couple of years where she originated as a DJ.
As Armenian native she loves to infuse tunes from her homeland into a vibe unity of obscure and obvious and all that rhymes together. She recently started working to bring out the diversity of Armenian music in her sets, one of which is her residency as Panorama Yerevan on NTS radio.
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Painter & Architect | Darmstadt, Yerevan
ZIBAYO is a german-armenian painter and architect. She has found her creative expression within the triangle of architecture, art and music. Having grown up in Germany and being of Armenian origin, she lived for couple of years in Johannesburg where she described South Africa as providing a turning point in her creative journey. Since then she is constantly doing art project currently predominantly focusing on Armenian culture.


Vahan Stepanyan was born in Yerevan. During his career as a photographer and musician he cooperated with Universal Music, ECM, New York Times, Esquire, Palme d'Or and many more. He is the founder of modern art museum Rambalkoshe.His set mixes moody hip hop sounds with Armenian wise folk songs and adds another level of energy to our stream.


Designer | Darmstadt
In addition to his work as designer, Sven
works as creative director, runs a small
charming bar and owns a spirit&wine
brand. Alltogether he has created a
playground for innovative projects on the
subject of art, commerce and consistency.
Music has always been part of him. Over tens
years he has been creating between melancholic
and funky sounds as a DJ.


Silvia was born and raised in Germany. She has lived two years in Barcelona to form herself as a contemporary dancer.Since she’s back in Germany in 2020 she has studied Sport Science. Besides that she works as a dance teacher for kids, teens and adults. She is focusing on movement in general and wants to connect art and body language. Her dancing is based on flowing and grounded movements leaned on contemporary style.